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Gardening in the Right of Way, by Jeff Anderson

Another reader commented on our post about Front Yard Gardens.  Jeff is the previously unknown owner of the garden on Bannock.  He gives some great advice, we thought it was worth re-posting as a guest post!  Here’s what he has to say.  Thanks Jeff!

That garden on Bannock is mine. My name is Jeff Anderson and thanks for the compliments. I’m friends with 25th Street Katie and Tanner. I feel ‘ve had great success with right of way gardening. The plants love how sunny it is and they don’t seem to mind the extra heat from all the asphalt and concrete. It also frees up the backyard for the kids to play in, although berries and fruit trees are being squeezed in back there too. I’d agree with your friend the best part of gardening outside backyard has been meeting lots of neighbors – its been fun trading tips and giving away what ever is over producing. Everyone asks about theft but so far it hasn’t been to be that much of a problem.

Also, not inorder to brag but more to give others a tip, the Horticulture society has a gardening contest each year. One category is called Community Improvement Projects. Right of ways, since they are ACHD property, fit in that category. I had to get a license agreement from ACHD to put in my raised beds, here is a link to that info…

Anyways I’ve won that category twice in 2009 and 2011, each time collecting a really cool trophy paver and $300! The way the contest works is the garden/landscaping has to be new so that limits who can enter. I won twice because I expanded the original garden last year and entered the new part. The great thing is the contest favors the beginner. Anyways since lumber and soil is expensive this contest is a great way to offset the cost. 2nd and 3rd prize have $100 prizes I think. You get a botanical garden membership too! Here are the details from last year…

You’ve got a great blog. Stop by some time next spring once I’m back out gardening.


2 thoughts on “Gardening in the Right of Way, by Jeff Anderson

  1. Hi there! I just discovered your blog, it’s great! I read both of your pieces on front yard gardening and just want to say I too, applaud this trend. I like Jeff’s right of way garden and didn’t the city of Boise just last year change a law or something allowing anyone to do front yard gardening between April and November? I think I heard this on BSU radio. Beyond the benefits of the garden, I like how FY gardens give people a reason to leave their isolated backyards…it brings back some of the neighborly characteristics of a neighborhood. 🙂

    • The City of Boise is currently working on some policies regarding urban gardening, which are supposed to include language supportive of front yard gardens and other gardens, although gardens were not prohibited in the first place. Front yard gardens are only prohibited in certain subdivisions that have their own rules on how yards must look, so…..DON’T BUY in those kinds of neighborhoods! The right of way, however, is the space that borders the road, I’m not sure how many feet in, but probably includes the area between the road and the sidewalk like Jeff has here. This is under the jurisdiction of ACHD, and apparently, a permit is required to garden there. Follow Jeff’s link to see how it works. Glad you like our blog!

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