Raising Rio

Baby #2!


Rio and I, picking lilacs. 30 weeks!

If you’ve seen me lately, you know that this announcement is long overdue!  Rio’s little brother or sister will be here in a mere 10 weeks, projected arrival date is July 6!  This pregnancy has flown by, there’s not as much time to focus on it with an active two year old to chase around, a busy work life, and a myriad of new house/garden project still in progress.  I guess we’re a lot more prepared this time, we’ve got the baby stuff, did the birth class, we can just get on with it.  Just like that, we’ll be a family of 4!

When I had Rio, I LOVED being pregnant (and still do), but his birth was, let’s say, much harder than the pregnancy.  See birth story here.  For my second, and probably last, birth attempt, we are hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), at home in our gorgeous new house, with our wonderful midwife Kristin at The Birds and the Bees Midwifery.  Sadly, none of the lovely ladies who were present at my labor with Rio are currently available to midwife, but we saw Kristin for some prenatal appointments at Treasure Valley Midwives, and feel really comfortable with her.  Most of all, I am looking forward to laboring in my own surroundings.  I really think that staying out of the hospital unless absolutely necessary, is the best way to avoid another cesarean, as VBAC, although usually safe, is not the norm at many hospitals.  If you are considering VBAC, vbac.com has a lot of information on it.

(Also, we had a great experience at Treasure Valley Midwives, and I do still recommend them, especially if its your first birth or if you would rather labor at the birth center than at home.  Since we had Rio, all of their staff has changed or gone into independent practice, so I decided to stick with someone I already know rather than get to know their whole new, probably wonderful, crew.)

Anyway, I’m feeling good, and Rio, as far as we can tell for somebody who just turned 2 in March, is VERY EXCITED about the new baby.  He talks to and about it every day, and the best part of my pregnancy this time is the amount of belly kisses the new baby gets from big brother to be.  Usually he says he thinks it’s a girl (we didn’t find out), and most of the names he suggests have already been taken by his cousins, Siena and Caroline.  Charlotte, after his Charlotte’s Web movie, is also high on his list for girl names.

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and stay tuned for news of our new arrival.

Oh, and if you live in Boise, I’m looking for an infant car seat that has a year before it expires (they last 5 years),  a double stroller, and summer maternity clothes.  Otherwise, we don’t need a damn thing.  Can’t wait to liquidate the baby stuff when this kid is Rio’s age.

— Katie




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