Belly Update

It’s official:  Marty and I now have matching bellies!  30 weeks down, 10 to go!  The Cast Iron Baby is still growing right along, moving and kicking a lot, and according to the midwife, positioned head-down and ready to be born at the end of March!  I am still feeling excellent, though a bit more … Continue reading

Hunting and Fishing

Girl Hunter, by Becca Stroebel

Another great commentary for all of our hunting, livestock-raising, and/or meat-eating readers.  Boise Librarian! Becca Stroebel talks about getting her start as a female hunter and fisherwoman, and getting down and dirty with where the meat we eat comes from.  For this interesting post and ongoing advice on what to read, head over to Becca’s … Continue reading

Farm and Garden

Gardening in the Right of Way, by Jeff Anderson

Another reader commented on our post about Front Yard Gardens.  Jeff is the previously unknown owner of the garden on Bannock.  He gives some great advice, we thought it was worth re-posting as a guest post!  Here’s what he has to say.  Thanks Jeff! That garden on Bannock is mine. My name is Jeff Anderson … Continue reading

Farm and Garden / Road Trips

A Visit to Upper Rogue Organics

Every great once and a while, a farmer gets off the farm. About as far off the farm as I dare get is onto to someone else’s farm. So when Katie and I took off out of town, in early November, we headed straight for Upper Rogue Organics. Upper Rogue is a small 10 acre … Continue reading