Happy Customer at a Kids' Event

In an attempt to spread the good food, we have now started catering special events. We would love to cook for you! We can cook anything fancy or down home, but we tend to focus on healthy.  “Garden fresh” isn’t just menu verbiage, but actually from our garden.  Cast Iron Catering especially likes to cater those outdoor events like family reunions and church picnics.  Our food is especially kid friendly, and Farmer Marty is has just started studying the postpartum diet just in case you need a healthy casserole after the birth.  Ease the stress of welcoming a new baby by letting us do the cooking.

Since catering is relatively new to us, we’d be happy to discuss your needs and a menu for your particular event.  Sample menus are in the works.  Contact Farmer Marty for more information at 208-713-1675.


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