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Road Food

We love road trips.  Mountains, desert, hot springs, or canyon, we love exploring the great state of  Idaho.  Experience has taught us, though, that a good meal can be hard to come by in some of Idaho’s more rural areas.  After searching for quality restaurant meals in locations such as Cascade, Mountain Home, and Idaho … Continue reading

Farm and Garden

Locals Only!

Despite the March snow I can smell spring and taste peas. The daffodils, tulips, garlic and other bulbs are pushing through the surface reaching for the sky. I wish I could till my field, but it’s too wet. Instead, I focus on inside tasks like seeding, organizing piles, building stuff in the shop, marketing, networking … Continue reading


Venison Chili

Ingredients: 4 cups good stock. 2 cups barley 1 cup dry beans 2 lbs venison sausage 2 cups chopped carrots 2 cups chopped leek 1 cup chopped fresh parsley The night before soak beans in water. Toast barley in cast iron.  Add 2 cups stock and toasted barley in sauce pan. Cover and bring to … Continue reading