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Chef Abby Cooks with Kale! (Eat More Kale! Part II)

So, after my last post on the wonderful qualities of kale, I was informed by Ms. Corita Waters, of Greenbelt, MD, that there exists a website called!  Sadly the website is dedicated more to selling t-shirts that say Eat More Kale, than to actual Kale recipes and information.  It’s still awesome, and I’ll probably … Continue reading

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Eat More Kale.

Kale is such a wonderful vegetable.  I think everyone should eat more of it.  Our CSA members may have noticed this, since they get it every week.  Here are just a few reasons why I like kale. It grows for many months of the year in our cold climate, and unlike spinach and lettuce, holds … Continue reading


Boy (or Girl!) Scout Veggies with Sage Butter

Summer is on!  Marty and I have been super busy with the gardens, both combating the weeds and harvesting the bounty, which is the reason for our lack of blog posts of late.  A lot of the time we’re so busy, and so overwhelmed by the garden’s offerings, that all we can do is throw … Continue reading