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Mizuna Salad with Fish and Mango

Spring is here!  And so are the greens from the garden.  If you’re a regular reader, you’re probably starting to catch on that I make a lot of salad with fish on it.  It’s a quick and delicious dinner, especially when greens are plentiful. Everybody’s eaten lettuce and spinach, but maybe if you’re in a … Continue reading

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Oh Parsley

My darling parsley I do love thee. Mmmmm…. “What? You love that damned garnish.” is often what I hear when I profess my love for this sparkly green herb. That’s right it’s an herb, not a garnish. At a Basque restaurant and a French restaurant where I worked, we used it with gusto, sprinkling every … Continue reading


Farmer Marty’s Stage Debut

Hear it here, folks.  Farmer Marty tells the story of himself in the life he lived before this one.  A monthly event in Boise called “Story Story Night” invites people to tell true stories on a theme.  Last month’s theme was “Rights of Passage,”  and Farmer Marty was the only storyteller with the nerve to … Continue reading


Dutch Oven Gyros

This one’s easy. 2 cups chickpeas (I use dry beans that I soak in water the night before, or in the morning for the evening meal, you want a good 8 hours). 1 lbs gyro meat 1 chopped onion 2 cups frozen tomatillos 1 cups chopped frozen Anaheim peppers 1 cup chopped fresh kale salt … Continue reading

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Mutton is Tasty

This is not at all what I planned, but I ended up with a whole lot of mutton. We knew for weeks we were going to have this mutton, so I set out doing some research. Most of my friends had never eaten mutton. I had never knowingly eaten mutton. My grandmother loves it, “oh … Continue reading