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It seems like in the melting pot that is America, the one ethnic tradition that outlasts all the other aspects of language and culture is food.  Pierogies are a delicious potato and cheese filled pastry, and are one of those kinds of ethnic foods, passed on to me by my mother’s Polish family.  My mom’s … Continue reading


Marinated Sun Chokes (Raw)

Use mandolin (or cheese slicer on grater), make thin slivers of Jerusalem artichoke. Julianne red onion as thin as possible. Chop fresh parsley.  Submerge chokes and onion in vinaigrette. Let sit at least 1 hour. Add chopped parsley just before serving. If you have chokes now is the end of the season, dig them up … Continue reading

Food Preservation / Recipes

Chiles Rellenos (Stuffed Peppers)

Literally a 15-minute winter dish if you’ve already frozen some peppers and canned some salsa.  A Cast Iron standard, great appetizer or side dish.  Healthier and better than the deep-fried version. Anaheim peppers are always particularly prolific for us.  I prepared these for the freezer by cutting them in half, removing the stems and seeds, … Continue reading


A Winter Local Foods Menu

Farmer Marty recently got into an online discussion with local food writer Guy Hand.  I’ll let Marty elaborate on that discussion, but the result was that we ended up inviting said writer over for dinner, along with some of our friends who are active in the local foods movement, including mushroom connoisseur Alex Hartman, urban … Continue reading