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Oh Parsley

My darling parsley I do love thee. Mmmmm…. “What? You love that damned garnish.” is often what I hear when I profess my love for this sparkly green herb. That’s right it’s an herb, not a garnish. At a Basque restaurant and a French restaurant where I worked, we used it with gusto, sprinkling every dish with it. Somebody was always chopping parsley.

I love to use it in eggs like egg salad or in my scramble. In tuna salad. In hamburgers. It adds a fresh green flavor to everything. Great thing about growing parsley is that it grows in the cold, is easy to grow and will self seed. Not that I care, but it’s also good for you. Google it if you don’t believe me.

— Farmer Marty


3 thoughts on “Oh Parsley

  1. Huh, I haven’t used parsley in a lot of stuff, but I do know it’s a powerful flavoring agent for my soup stocks. More than once I have put a sprig or two of extra parsley in a stock and found the flavor more intense than I intended. Most fresh herbs really don’t act that way. You have inspired me to play with a little more in other foods. I have been looking for some herbs that bring a fresh “grassy” flavor to my fresher dishes.

  2. I love Italian flat-leaf parsley. As well as using it raw, I’ve been cooking it as a main player and final garnish in lots of meals. The other night I made this classic Italian dish of sausage over lentils and after sauteing the sausage in a pan, I threw a healthy fistful of parsley in the hot pan with a little of the rendered sausage fat and let it just wilt down. Cooking kills the bright, grassy flavor but gives the parsley this savory taste and texture that no other herb can pull off.

  3. I love parsley, too! Unfortunately, here in the mid-Atlantic, we’ve seen a big heat wave over the last few days. The parsley I JUST PLANTED in our balcony container is already droopy and sad!

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