Dutch Oven Gyros

This one’s easy.

  • 2 cups chickpeas (I use dry beans that I soak in water the night before, or in the morning for the evening meal, you want a good 8 hours).
  • 1 lbs gyro meat
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 2 cups frozen tomatillos
  • 1 cups chopped frozen Anaheim peppers
  • 1 cup chopped fresh kale
  • salt and pepper to taste

Mix in Dutch Oven. Put lid on and sit on coals. Lots of top heat. Let cook 45 to 1 hour. When it starts smelling really yummy you know it’s close to done.

Serve in pita bread (can be warmed on the upturned lid of Dutch Oven). Garnish with tzatziki sauce (yogurt and cilantro) and feta cheese.


4 thoughts on “Dutch Oven Gyros

  1. Greetings from Helena, Montana,
    I’m writing to you on behalf of Montana Outdoors magazine, published by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. We’re working on a story about accessible camping in Montana. A portion of this story focuses on cooking techniques, and I’d love to feature the great photo of tomatillos and chickpeas cooking in a dutch oven, found on your gyros recipe page. May we have your permission? Of course, we would properly credit the photo to, pay you $80, and I’d be happy to mail you a few copies of the magazine issue once it’s printed. Would you let me know if you’re willing, and if this sounds fair?
    Thanks for your consideration,

  2. Sure, thanks so much, we’d love to have our photo featured in your magazine. Should I email you a copy of the original photo? I’m not sure of the resolution of the one uploaded here.
    Marty says we will use the $80 toward a new camp stove we’ve been eyeing at Cabelas šŸ™‚ . Thanks for reading our blog!

  3. Oh, it’s a great blog! I was just in Boise a few weeks ago for the opening day of farmers market. Probably saw some of the vendors and farmers you mention here!

    I think the photo linked on your blog is good enough resolution to print. What I do need a is a mailing address, as I’ll need to send you a purchase agreement for the photo. You can email it privately to me at:

    I’ll send the contract, will need a W-9, and then Fish, Wildlife & Parks will mail the check. Also, once the magazine issue is published, I’ll send you copies! This will appear in our July-August 2011 issue.

    Thanks again for your willingness to work with us!
    Luke Duran
    Art director, Montana Outdoors

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