Dutch Oven Potluck — You’re invited!

Remember that box out in the garage with all your camping stuff in it? It’s time to break that thing out. Find your dutch oven, wipe the dust out, salt and grease it. It’s time for the Cast Iron Dutch Oven Potluck.

April 17 at Celebration Park. Have your Dutch Oven dish ready by 6. We’re going to make a day of it and go early for some fishing and canoeing, hope you can come and join us early! If people are interested, we could do a float trip from Swan Falls to Celebration Park that day.

While other food contributions are welcome, the Dutch Oven is highly recommended and there will be prizes for the best Dutch Oven concoctions. Sweet and savory categories.

I can give you some tips or recipes if you’ve never used a Dutch Oven before. If you’re going to go out and buy one, get one with legs! (Check Boise Army Navy, or D&B Supply).

Bring your own firewood, coals, and raft!

Info about Celebration Park:

All of our Boise readers, and friends new and old, are invited.  Hope to see you there!
Marty and Katie


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