Idaho Rainbow Trout Spinach Salad

Idaho Rainbow Trout Spinach Salad

Ingredients:  Baked Idaho Rainbow Trout.  One 15 incher will feed 2 people, no problem.  Fresh Thyme, 2 tbsp.  One lemon.  Spinach, chopped green apples, dried cherries, asiago or other cheese, salad toppings of choice.

Thinly Slice 1 lemon. Save ugly slices to chop with Thyme.  In a casserole dish, bake whole trout with with lemon slices in it’s cavity and 1 tbsp thyme. Sprinkle chopped lemon rind and 1 tbsp chopped thyme on top. Bake at 350.

Peel skin and bones from meat.

Put on top of fresh winter spinach, chopped green apples, dried cherries and a little shaved asiago cheese.

We served it with baked winter squash.


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