Welcome to our Blog!

Here it is, fans.  Our long-awaited food/travel/farm/crafting/adventure blog.

The idea for this blog really began about a year ago, when my boss announced that I would be getting a new cell phone for work.  And that it would be a “smart” phone.  She’d been bugging me forever to get one that had internet access, because, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could check your email from the farm?”  No!  What would be great about that, exactly?

So, anyway, my phone was up for renewal and she ordered me a fancy new Droid. Work applications aside, my favorite feature of the new super phone was its ability to take photos and instantly upload them onto Facebook.  No computer cord or lengthy upload process required.  Marty and I were soon photographing every dinner we created with food from the farm, in order to inspire our dear fans to buy vegetables from our farms and cook them into similarly delicious and photogenic meals.

Marty loved it when we got a lot of comments.  Some of the comments were things like, “recipe, please…” and “Katie, please get a food blog already and stop torturing us with photos and no recipes.”  So, here we are.  Marty says send us $5 and we’ll send you a recipe.

Here are some highlights of our food photos from the past year!


Mmmmm!  Hungry yet?  We look forward to sharing lots of recipes and adventures with you in 2011.  Happy New Year everybody!

Katie (and Marty)


5 thoughts on “Welcome to our Blog!

  1. I was kidding about the $5…(though he might not have been). Eventually I’ll post some recipes for free, but there’s only one tart one and I think you already have it. Though we did change it, it’s better with more cream and less cream cheese in the creamy part, and luckily Marty grows raspberries so we had plenty of those. See you soon, Mama Waters!

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