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Rio is almost one! (and Bathroom Upgrade, and How to Make A Belly Cast!)

belly cast

Wow, has it really been since November that I’ve posted anything on Cast Iron Idaho?  I had somebody ask yesterday whether the blog was still alive so….

It turns out that being a mom, working full time, and building and moving into a house takes a toll on ones’ ability to blog.  We moved into the new house in early February, though a lot of small details are still unfinished, no decorating has been done, and I’ve yet to get it uncluttered enough for the indoor photos people have been asking for.  Our little guy turns one on Thursday, so hopefully before his birthday party next Saturday, we will achieve that level of photographable bliss in our home.  (Starts at 1 pm, if you’re local we’d love to see you!)

Oh yeah, and today is the first day I have internet working at the new place!  😛

Anyway, we’ve been thinking, of course, about how far we’ve come this year!  Last year at this time, we were still living in the old trailer, I was waddling around, waiting for the little bug to arrive.  I wish I had more photos of the trailer so that you could understand the contrast between that and our current beautiful abode.  I mean, mice lived in our walls.  All we have living with us now are one cat and 15 teenage chickens in the unfinished downstairs bathroom.

And of course, having the little guy has been life-changing.

What I do have are some photos of the old bathroom that we took while making a belly cast right before Rio arrived, and some photos of the new bathroom.


making a belly cast DSC_0675 DSC_0395


bathtub Rio and Papa bathtub Rio and Mama

And finally,

How to make a Belly Cast.


  • Plaster strips, we got ours at Quality Art Inc. in Garden City.
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Belly Balm, vaseline, or something else for oiling the belly
  • Bare belly
  • A partner, two partners if you want to take photos.

Grease belly generously. Get a flat pan, fill with water.  Cut some strips into the size you want. The person being casted should hold very still while the other person applies several layers of strips to the belly.  As the plaster begins to dry, you really have to hold still, so taking these photos was kind of difficult.  Ladies, you will be amazed a the care and attention your partner may take at applying something smooth and wet to your bare, well, you see what’s going on here.  You’ll have to stand there till the plaster is mostly dry, and then pull the whole thing off!

purple belly castYou can also do this with a not-pregnant belly.  Casey O’Leary at Earthly Delights Farm actually did an exhibition of these one year – lots of women made them, decorated them, and displayed them in her garden.  Here’s one from that event in 2008.

I haven’t decorated mine yet and not totally sure what I’ll do with it.  Now it’s just a cool memento of how gigantic I was, and how much I enjoyed those days with Rio on the inside.

Also, not sure about doing this on a male belly.  Might be a little painful on a hairier belly, be sure to lubricate well!!!

— Katie


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